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ISO/TC 142  - Cleaning equipment for air and other gases

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Standards and projects under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 142 Secretariat and its SCs

Standard and/or projectStageICSTC
ISO/WD 10121-3
Test method for assessing the performance of gas-phase air cleaning media and devices for general ventilation -- Part 3: Classification system for treatment of make up air
20.20ISO/TC 142
ISO/AWI 15727
UV-C devices -- Measurement of output of UV-C lamp
20.00ISO/TC 142
ISO/DIS 15858
UV-C Devices -- Safety information -- Permissible human exposure
40.99 91.140.30ISO/TC 142
ISO/DIS 16170
In situ test methods for very high efficiency filter systems in industrial facilities
40.99 91.140.30ISO/TC 142
ISO/DIS 16890-1
Air filters for general ventilation -- Part 1: Technical specifications, requirements and efficiency classification system based upon Particulate Matter (PM)
40.60 91.140.30ISO/TC 142
ISO/DIS 16890-2
Air filters for general ventilation -- Part 2: Measurement of fractional efficiency and air flow resistance
40.60 91.140.30ISO/TC 142
ISO/DIS 16890-3
Air filters for general ventilation -- Part 3: Determination of the gravimetric efficiency and the air flow resistance versus the mass of test dust captured
40.99 91.140.30ISO/TC 142
ISO/DIS 16890-4
Air filters for general ventilation -- Part 4: Conditioning method to determine the minimum fractional test efficiency
40.99 91.140.30ISO/TC 142
ISO 16891
Test methods for evaluating degradation of characteristics of cleanable filter media
60.00 91.140.30ISO/TC 142
ISO/NP 17970-1
Measurement of the performance of portable room air cleaners -- Part 1: Performance against non-viable particulate matter
10.99ISO/TC 142
ISO/NP 29461-2
Air intake filter systems for rotary machinery -- Part 2: Test methods and classification for cleanable (pulse jet) filter systems
10.99ISO/TC 142
ISO/NP 29461-6
Air filter intake systems for rotary machinery -- Test methods -- Part 6: Cleanable (Pulse Jet) filter elements
10.99ISO/TC 142
ISO/NP 29463-1
High-efficiency filters and filter media for removing particles in air -- Part 1: Classification, performance testing and marking
10.99 91.140.30ISO/TC 142
ISO/WD 29464
Cleaning equipment for air and other gases -- Terminology
20.20ISO/TC 142