ISO/IEC 29341-12-1:2008
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Information technology -- UPnP Device Architecture -- Part 12-1: Remote User Interface Device Control Protocol - Remote User Interface Client Device

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This standard has been revised by: ISO/IEC 29341-12-1:2015


ISO/IEC 29341-5-1:2008(E) provides control of basic settings of the actual image generating part, access to live snapshop stil

ISO/IEC 29341-12-1:2008(E) encapsulates all services for the Remote UI Client Device Control Protocol. The series of ISO/IEC 29341 publications defines an architecture for pervasive peer-to-peer network connectivity of intelligent appliances, wireless devices and PCs. It is designed to bring easy to use, flexible, standards-based connectivity to ad-hoc or unmanaged networks whether in the home, in a small business, public spaces or attached to the Internet.


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