ISO 9523:2008
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Touring ski-boots for adults -- Interface with touring ski-bindings -- Requirements and test methods

This standard has been revised by: ISO 9523:2015


ISO 9523:2008 specifies the dimensions and characteristics of the interface, requirements, test methods and marking of ski-boots with a rigid sole which are used with current systems of touring ski-bindings with attachment at the boot toe and boot heel, the proper release function of which depends on the dimensions and design of the interfaces.

For ski-binding systems that function irrespective of the sole shape or that have different requirements for the sole dimensions, it is not always necessary for the ski-boot soles to comply with this International Standard in order to achieve the desired degree of safety.

ISO 9523:2008 applies to ski-boots of sizes 15,0 and larger in the Mondopoint system.

It applies to rigid touring boots. Boots with softer shells like Telemark boots are excluded as they do not have the necessary shell stability to act as part of the release systems.


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