ISO/TS 17892-7:2004
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Geotechnical investigation and testing -- Laboratory testing of soil -- Part 7: Unconfined compression test on fine-grained soils

This standard was last reviewed and confirmed* in 2015.

*Therefore this version remains current


ISO/TS 17892-7:2004 covers the determination of an approximate value of the unconfined compressive strength for a square or cylindrical water-saturated homogeneous specimen of undisturbed or remoulded cohesive soil of sufficiently low permeability to keep itself undrained during the time it takes to perform the test within the scope of geotechnical investigations according to prEN 1997-1 and -2.

The unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soils is a measure of the apparent cohesion. A cohesive soil behaves as if it is truly cohesive, e.g. clay and clayey soils, but most soils in this group behave cohesively due to negative pore pressure and friction and not due to actual cohesion.

This test method is useful to derive the undrained shear strength of soil. It should however be noted that no provisions are taken to prevent drainage. The derived value for undrained shear strength is therefore only valid for soils of low permeability, which behave sufficiently undrained during testing.

The method is not appropriate for fissured or varved clays or silts or peats.


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