ISO/IEC 15444-1:2004
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Information technology -- JPEG 2000 image coding system: Core coding system

This standard has been revised by: ISO/IEC 15444-1:2016


ISO/IEC 15444-1:2004 | ITU-T Rec. T.800 defines a set of lossless (bit-preserving) and lossy compression methods for coding bi-level, continuous-tone grey-scale, palletized colour, or continuous-tone colour digital still images.

ISO/IEC 15444-1:2004 | ITU-T Rec. T.800

  • specifies decoding processes for converting compressed image data to reconstructed image data;
  • specifies a codestream syntax containing information for interpreting the compressed image data;
  • specifies a file format;
  • provides guidance on encoding processes for converting source image data to compressed image data;
  • provides guidance on how to implement these processes in practice.


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