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ISO 15926-2:2003

Industrial automation systems and integration -- Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities -- Part 2: Data model

This standard has been reviewed and then confirmed in 2012 
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ISO 15926-2:2003 specifies a conceptual data model for computer representation of technical information about process plants. The information required by the following activities is within the scope of ISO 15926-2:2003:

  • specification of requirements to produce, process, and transport process materials;
  • specification of functions required to produce and process the required materials, including the following:
    • hydrocarbon process and conditioning systems,
    • injected gas and water conditioning and injection systems,
    • oil and gas product transport systems,
    • safety and control systems,
    • electricity generation and supply systems,
    • steam generation and supply systems,
    • structures,
    • buildings and accommodation;
  • specification and selection of materials and equipment to provide the required production and processing functions, including information about market available materials and equipment;
  • installation and commissioning of plant equipment;
  • production and process operations, including process conditions and consumption, yields and quality of process material;
  • maintenance and replacement of equipment.

The following activities are outside the scope of ISO 15926-2:2003:

  • construction of buildings, production facilities and equipment.

ISO 15926-2:2003 is a part of ISO 15926, an International Standard for the representation of process plant life-cycle information. This representation is specified by a generic, conceptual data model designed to be used in conjunction with reference data: standard instances that represent information common to a number of users, process plants, or both. The use and definition of reference data for process plants is the subject of Parts 4, 5 and 6 of ISO 15926.


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