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77.040: Testing of metals

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ICS Field
77.040.01 Testing of metals in general
77.040.10 Mechanical testing of metals
Mechanical testing in general, see 19.060
Mechanical testing of welded joints, see 25.160.40
77.040.20 Non-destructive testing of metals
Non-destructive testing in general, see 19.100
Non-destructive testing of welded joints, see 25.160.40
77.040.30 Chemical analysis of metals
Chemical analysis in general, see 71.040.40
Chemical analysis of ferroalloys, see 77.100
Chemical analysis of ferrous metals, see 77.080
Chemical analysis of non-ferrous metals, see 77.120
Chemical analysis of sintered metals and hard metals, see 77.160
77.040.99 Other methods of testing of metals