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75.020: Extraction and processing of petroleum and natural gas

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Standard and/or projectStage TC
ISO/DIS 10426-2
Petroleum and natural gas industries -- Cements and materials for well cementing -- Part 2: Testing of well cements
40.99 ISO/TC 67/SC 3
ISO/DIS 17349
Petroleum and natural gas industries -- Guidelines for offshore platforms handling streams with high content of CO2 at high pressures
40.60 ISO/TC 67
ISO/DIS 17782
Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries -- Qualification of manufacturers of special materials
40.60 ISO/TC 67
ISO/DIS 19008
Standard Cost Coding System for oil and gas production and processing facilities
40.20 ISO/TC 67
ISO/CD 35106
Petroleum and natural gas industries -- Arctic operations -- Arctic metocean, ice and seabed data
30.20 ISO/TC 67/SC 8