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67.050: General methods of tests and analysis for food products

Food microbiology, see 07.100.30
Sensory analysis, see 67.240

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Standard and/or projectStage TC
ISO/CD TS 16393
Molecular biomarker analysis -- Qualitative methods -- Validation scheme for binary analytical methods for food and food products
30.00 ISO/TC 34/SC 16
ISO/DIS 16577
Molecular biomarker analysis -- Terms and definitions
40.60 ISO/TC 34/SC 16
ISO/DIS 16634-2
Food products -- Determination of the total nitrogen content by combustion according to the Dumas principle and calculation of the crude protein content -- Part 2: Cereals, pulses and milled cereal products
40.20 ISO/TC 34/SC 4
ISO/DTR 17622
Molecular biomarker analysis -- SSR analysis of sunflower
30.20 ISO/TC 34/SC 16
ISO/DTR 17623
Molecular biomarker analysis -- SSR analysis of maize
30.99 ISO/TC 34/SC 16
ISO/CD 18787
Foodstuffs -- Determination of water activity
30.99 ISO/TC 34
ISO/TS 21569-3
Horizontal methods for molecular biomarker analysis -- Methods of analysis for the detection of genetically modified organisms and derived products -- Part 3: Construct-specific real-time PCR method for detection of P35S-pat-sequence for screening genetically modified organisms
60.00 ISO/TC 34/SC 16