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13.060: Water quality

Including toxicity, biodegradability, protection against pollution, related installations and equipment

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ICS Field
13.060.01 Water quality in general
13.060.10 Water of natural resources
13.060.20 Drinking water
Chemicals for purification of water, see 71.100.80
Drinking water supply systems, see 91.140.60
Mineral water, see 67.160.20
13.060.25 Water for industrial use
Including water for commercial use: for swimming pools, fish breeding, etc.
13.060.30 Sewage water
Including sewage water disposal and treatment
Drainage systems, see 91.140.80
Liquid wastes, see 13.030.20
Sewage systems, see 93.030
13.060.45 Examination of water in general
Including sampling
13.060.50 Examination of water for chemical substances
13.060.60 Examination of physical properties of water
13.060.70 Examination of biological properties of water
Microbiology of water, see 07.100.20
13.060.99 Other standards related to water quality
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