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07.100.99: Other standards related to microbiology

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Standard and/or projectStage TC
ISO 846:1997
Plastics -- Evaluation of the action of microorganisms
90.20 ISO/TC 61/SC 6
ISO 8784-1:2014
Pulp, paper and board -- Microbiological examination -- Part 1: Enumeration of bacteria and bacterial spores based on disintegration
60.60 ISO/TC 6/SC 2
ISO 10718:2015
Cork stoppers -- Characterization of a low-in-germs stopper, through the enumeration of colony-forming units of yeasts, moulds and bacteria, capable of both being extracted and growing in alcoholic medium
60.60 ISO/TC 87
ISO 20743:2013
Textiles -- Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products
60.60 ISO/TC 38