ISO/IEC 9594-2:2005
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Information technology -- Open Systems Interconnection -- The Directory: Models


ISO/IEC 9594-2:2005 includes specifications for how information about objects, e.g. persons, is organized, created, maintained and retrieved. It also gives provisions for protecting stored information through authentication and access control specifications.

ISO/IEC 9594-2:2005 provides a number of different models for the Directory as a framework for the other ISO/IEC 9594 parts. It specifies the basis for Directory protocol specifications. The models are:

  • the overall (functional) model;
  • the administrative authority model;
  • generic Directory Information models providing Directory User and Administrative User view on Directory information;
  • service administration model;
  • generic Directory System Agent (DSA) and DSA information models;
  • operational framework: and
  • a security model.


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