ISO/IEC 10118-3:2004
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Information technology -- Security techniques -- Hash-functions -- Part 3: Dedicated hash-functions

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This standard was last reviewed and confirmed* in 2013.

*Therefore this version remains current


ISO/IEC 10118-3:2004 specifies the following seven dedicated hash-functions, i.e. specially-designed hash-functions:

  • the first hash-function (RIPEMD-160) in Clause 7 provides hash-codes of lengths up to 160 bits;
  • the second hash-function (RIPEMD-128) in Clause 8 provides hash-codes of lengths up to 128 bits;
  • the third hash-function (SHA-1) in Clause 9 provides hash-codes of lengths up to 160 bits;
  • the fourth hash-function (SHA-256) in Clause 10 provides hash-codes of lengths up to 256 bits;
  • the fifth hash-function (SHA-512) in Clause 11 provides hash-codes of lengths up to 512 bits;
  • the sixth hash-function (SHA-384) in Clause 12 provides hash-codes of a fixed length, 384 bits; and
  • the seventh hash-function (WHIRLPOOL) in Clause 13 provides hash-codes of lengths up to 512 bits.

For each of these dedicated hash-functions, ISO/IEC 10118-3:2004 specifies a round-function that consists of a sequence of sub-functions, a padding method, initializing values, parameters, constants, and an object identifier as normative information, and also specifies several computation examples as informative information.


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