ISO/TS 13399-150:2008
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Cutting tool data representation and exchange -- Part 150: Usage guidelines

This standard was last reviewed* in 2012.

*ISO standards are reviewed every five years.


ISO/TS 13399-150:2008 gives guidelines for the application of ISO 13399 as a whole, including guidance on the instantiation of the EXPRESS schema as described in ISO 13399-1, and the use of the reference data described in ISO/TS 13399-2, ISO/TS 13399-3, ISO/TS 13399-4, ISO/TS 13399-5, ISO/TS 13399-50 and ISO/TS 13399-60.

ISO/TS 13399-150:2008 does not define the terms and properties for cutting items, tool items, adaptive items assembly items, reference systems or common features and connection systems.


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