ISO/IEC 21000-7:2004
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Information technology -- Multimedia framework (MPEG-21) -- Part 7: Digital Item Adaptation

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This standard has been revised by: ISO/IEC 21000-7:2007


ISO/IEC 21000-7:2004 specifies the syntax and semantics of tools that may be used to assist the adaptation of Digital Items, i.e. the Digital Item Declaration and resources referenced by the declaration. Users can use the tools to satisfy transmission, storage and consumption constraints, as well as Quality of Service management.

ISO/IEC 21000-7:2004 specifies tools to describe:

  • user characteristics, terminal capabilities, network characteristics and natural environment characteristics;
  • the high-level syntax of a binary media resource;
  • the relationship between Quality of Service constraints, feasible adaptation operations satisfying these constraints and associated media resource qualities that result from adaptation:
  • limitation and optimization constraints on adaptations;
  • metadata adaptation hint information;
  • configuration-state information of a Digital Item; and
  • information required for the configuration of an adaptation engine.

ISO/IEC 21000-7:2004 does not specify the adaptation engines themselves.


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