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ISO/TC 268  - Sustainable development in communities

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Standards and projects under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 268 Secretariat and its SCs

Standard and/or projectStageICSTC
ISO/DIS 37101
Sustainable development of communities -- Management systems -- Requirements with guidance for resilience and smartness
40.00 13.020.20ISO/TC 268
ISO/WD 37120
Sustainable development of communities -- Indicators for city services and quality of life
20.20 13.020.20ISO/TC 268
ISO/AWI TR 37121
Inventory and review of existing indicators on sustainable development and resilience in cities
20.00ISO/TC 268
ISO/PRF TS 37151
Smart community infrastructures -- Principles and requirements for performance metrics
50.00 13.020.20ISO/TC 268/SC 1
ISO/DTR 37152
Smart community infrastructures -- Common framework for development and operation
30.60 13.020.20ISO/TC 268/SC 1