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ISO/TC 212  - Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems

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Standards and projects under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 212 Secretariat and its SCs

Standard and/or projectStageICSTC
ISO/DIS 16782
Clinical laboratory testing - Criteria for acceptable lots of dehydrated Mueller-Hinton agar and broth for antimicrobial susceptibility testing
40.20 11.100.20ISO/TC 212
ISO/DTS 17518
Medical laboratories -- Reagents for staining biological material -- Guidance for users
30.99 11.100.01ISO/TC 212
ISO/TS 17822-1
Nucleic acid based in vitro diagnostics for detection and identification of microbial pathogens -- Part 1: General requirements and definitions
60.00 01.040.19
ISO/TC 212
ISO/AWI 35001
Laboratory biorisk management system -- Requirements
20.00ISO/TC 212