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ISO/TC 202  - Microbeam analysis

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Standards and projects under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 202 Secretariat and its SCs

Standard and/or projectStageICSTC
ISO/CD 16700
Microbeam analysis -- Scanning electron microscopy -- Guidelines for calibrating image magnification
30.99 37.020ISO/TC 202/SC 4
ISO/CD 19214
Guidelines for growth direction determination of wirelike crystals by transmission electron microscopy
30.60 71.040.50ISO/TC 202/SC 3
ISO/WD 19463
Microbeam Analysis -- Quality assurance procedures and reference materials for the calibration and diagnostic assessment of electron probe microanalysis instruments utilizing wavelength dispersive spectrometers
20.20ISO/TC 202/SC 2
ISO/DTR 19640
Guide to practical chemical state analysis in EPMA
30.60 71.040.99ISO/TC 202/SC 2
ISO/AWI 20171
Tag image file format for Scanning electron microscopy(TIFF/SEM)
20.00ISO/TC 202/SC 4
ISO/WD 20263
Microbeam Analysis -- Analytical transmission electron microscopy -- Methods for determination of interface position in the multi-layered thin film
20.20ISO/TC 202/SC 3