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ISO/TC 134  - Fertilizers and soil conditioners

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Standards and projects under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 134 Secretariat and its SCs

Standard and/or projectStageICSTC
ISO/DIS 7409
Fertilizers -- Marking -- Presentation and declarations
40.99 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/DIS 15958
Fertilizers -- Extraction of water soluble phosphorus
40.60 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO 19670
Fertilizers and soil conditioners -- Solid urea aldehyde slow release fertilizer -- General requirements
60.00 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/CD 19745
Determination of Crude (Free) water content of Ammoniated Phosphate products -- DAP, MAP -- by gravimetric vacuum oven at 50 °C
30.99 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/CD 19747
Determination of Soluble Silicon Concentrations in Nonliquid Fertilizer Materials
30.60 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/CD 19822
Determination of Humic and Fulvic Acids in Commercial Solid and Liquid Humic Products using Alkaline Extraction, Hydrophobic Adsorbent Resin and Gravimetric Determination
30.20 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/CD 20620
Fertilizers and soil conditioners -- Determination of total nitrogen by combustion
30.60 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/DIS 20702
Determination of microamount of inorganic anions in fertilizers by ion chromatography
40.20 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/CD 20917
Determination of Available Phosphorous and Soluble Potassium Extracted with Neutral Ammonium Citrate and Quantified by ICP-OES
30.60 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/AWI 20974
Determination of Secondary Nutrients and Trace Metals in Fertilizers by mixed acid digestion and quantitation by ICP-OES
20.00ISO/TC 134
ISO/CD 20977
Determination of size distribution by dry and wet sieving
30.20 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/CD 20978
Neutralising value mesurement (or Determination)
30.60 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/DIS 21263
Determination of release rate of nutrients
40.60 65.080ISO/TC 134
ISO/AWI 22018
Determination of available phosphorus content in inorganic fertilizers-EDTA extraction method
20.00ISO/TC 134
ISO/DIS 25749
Fertilizers -- Determination of sulfates content using three different methods
40.60 65.080ISO/TC 134