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ISO/TC 113  - Hydrometry

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Standards and projects under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 113 Secretariat and its SCs

Standard and/or projectStageICSTC
ISO/WD 1438
Hydrometry -- Open channel flow measurement using thin-plate weirs
20.20 17.120.20ISO/TC 113/SC 2
ISO/CD 6416
Hydrometry -- Measurement of discharge by the ultrasonic transit time (time of flight) method"
30.60 17.120.20ISO/TC 113/SC 1
ISO/NP 6420
Liquid flow measurement in open channels -- Position fixing equipment for hydrometric boats
10.99 17.120.20ISO/TC 113/SC 5
ISO/CD 9123
Measurement of liquid flow in open channels -- Stage-fall-discharge relationships
30.20 17.120.20ISO/TC 113/SC 1
ISO/WD TR 9210
Measurement of liquid flow in open channels -- Measurement in meandering rivers and in streams with unstable boundaries
20.20 17.120.20ISO/TC 113/SC 1
Hydrometry -- Methods of measurement of bedload discharge
50.00 17.120.20ISO/TC 113/SC 6
ISO/WD TR 11330
Determination of volume of water and water level in lakes and reservoirs
20.20ISO/TC 113/SC 1
ISO/DTR 11651
Estimation of sediment deposition in reservoir using one dimensional simulation models
30.60 17.120.20ISO/TC 113/SC 6
ISO/CD 18481
Hydrometry -- Liquid flow measurement using end depth method in channels with a free overfall
30.20ISO/TC 113/SC 2
ISO/AWI TR 19234
Hydrometry -- Low cost baffle solution to aid fish passage at crump weir flow measurement structures
20.00ISO/TC 113/SC 2
ISO/DTR 21414
Surface geophysical surveys for hydrogeological studies
30.20 07.060ISO/TC 113/SC 8
ISO/DIS 24155
Hydrometry -- Hydrometric data transmission systems -- Specification of system requirements
40.20 17.120.20ISO/TC 113/SC 5
ISO/DIS 26906
Hydrometry -- Fishpasses at flow measurement structures
40.60 17.120.20ISO/TC 113/SC 2