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ISO/TC 5/SC 2  - Cast iron pipes, fittings and their joints

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Standards and projects under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 5/SC 2 Secretariat

Standard and/or projectStageICS
ISO/NP 9349
Preinsulated ductile iron pipeline systems
10.99 77.140.75
ISO/NP 16132
Ductile iron pipes and fittings -- Seal coats for cement mortar linings
10.99 77.140.75
ISO/DIS 16631
Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints compatible with plastic (PVC and PE) piping systems for water applications
40.00 77.140.75
ISO/CD 18468
Epoxy coating (heeavy duty) of ductile iron fittings and accessories -- requirements and testing method
30.99 23.040.01