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97.020: Home economics in general

Including consumer information
Clocks and watches, see 39.040
Hand-held electric tools, see 25.140.20
Household electronic appliances, see 33.160
Household sewing machines, see 61.080
Ventilators, air-conditioners, see 23.120
Washing, cleaning and removal services, see 03.080.30

Items to be displayed:

Standard and/or projectStage TC
ISO/IEC DGuide 14
Product information for consumers
ISO/IEC WD Guide 74
Graphical symbols -- Technical guidelines for the consideration of consumers' needs
ISO 6347
Textile floor coverings -- Consumer information
60.00 ISO/TC 219
ISO/DIS 20488
Online consumer reviews -- Principles and requirements for their collection, moderation and publication
40.00 ISO/TC 290
ISO/FDIS 25649-2
Floating leisure articles for use on and in the water -- Part 2: Consumer information
50.00 ISO/TC 83