ISO deliverables

ISO develops the following deliverables:
ISO Standards, ISO/PAS Publicly Available Specifications, ISO/TS Technical Specifications, ISO/TR Technical Reports, IWA International Workshop Agreements and ISO Guides

ISO/PAS Publicly Available Specification

A normative document representing the consensus within a working group.

A TC/SC may decide that a particular work item should result in publication of a PAS. Normally this decision should be agreed at the outset, i.e. simultaneously with approval of the New Work Proposal Item (NP). The text is developed through the preparatory stage within a working group. At the end of this stage the text shall be submitted for approval either by correspondence or at a meeting for publication as a PAS. Acceptance of the document requires approval by a simple majority of the P-members of the TC/SC under which the WG operates.


PAS may be processed in one language only.

Competing PAS offering different technical solutions are possible provided that they do not conflict with existing International Standards. (A TC/SC may decide to revise an ISO standard to allow conflicting PAS.)

PAS shall be reviewed at least every three years to decide either to confirm the PAS for a further three years, revise the PAS, process the PAS further to become either a technical specification or an International Standard, or to withdraw the PAS. After six years, a PAS shall either be converted into an International Standard or be withdrawn.

ISO member bodies may adopt PAS and publish them as documents having the same authority as an ISO/PAS.

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ISO/TS Technical Specification

A normative document representing the technical consensus within an ISO committee

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