ISO deliverables

ISO develops the following deliverables:
ISO Standards, ISO/PAS Publicly Available Specifications, ISO/TS Technical Specifications, ISO/TR Technical Reports, IWA International Workshop Agreements and ISO Guides

IWA International Workshop Agreement

An IWA is an ISO document produced through workshop meeting(s) and not through the  technical committee process.

Any interested party can propose an IWA and can participate in developing one.  An ISO member body will be assigned to organize and run the workshop meeting(s) resulting in the IWA.  Market players and other stakeholders directly participate in IWA and do not have to go through a national delegation. An IWA can be produced on any subject.

- An IWA can be developed swiftly (published in less than 12 months) to address a rapidly emerging market need or public policy requirement.
- The ISO brand can give international recognition and credibility to your organization’s work.
- IWAs can be used as precursors to International Standards.

Process for developing an IWA (PDF)

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ISO Guide

Guides provide guidance to technical committees for the preparation of standards, often on broad fields or topics

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