ISO deliverables

ISO develops the following deliverables:
ISO Standards, ISO/PAS Publicly Available Specifications, ISO/TS Technical Specifications, ISO/TR Technical Reports, IWA International Workshop Agreements and ISO Guides

ISO Guide

Guides provide guidance to technical committees for the preparation of standards, often on broad fields or topics.

Guides are prepared by Policy Development Committees (PDCs, such as CASCO or COPOLCO), or by committees or groups established by the ISO Technical Management Board (TMB) and operating under the TMB (e.g. REMCO). A number of Guides are jointly developed between ISO and IEC and then published as ISO/IEC Guides.

After consensus has been obtained in the group preparing the Guide, the draft is disseminated to all ISO member bodies for a four-months enquiry vote as a DIS. A draft Guide is approved if not more than 1/4 of the votes cast by the ISO member bodies are negative. In the case of ISO/IEC Gudies, the acceptance criteria has to be met in both organizations independently.

If the acceptance criteria are met, the Guide is published without being subject to an additional approval vote as an FDIS.

Full list of Guides available in the ISO Catalogue

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ISO Standard

A normative document, developed according to consensus procedures, which has been approved by the ISO membership and P-members of the responsible committee in accordance with Part 1 of the ISO/IEC Directives as a draft International Standard and/or as a final draft International Standard and which has been published by the ISO Central Secretariat.

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