YOU and the big wide world of standards

by Maria Lazarte on
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Standards. They are not just for experts, our safety and security depend on them. For instance, having the same public information symbols everywhere means that, no matter where we are, we will know what to do in an emergency. One example among many! This special issue of ISO Focus+ features short, accessible articles that reveal which standards matter most to you and how they can significantly improve your quality of life.

So why should you care about standards? Find out, for example, the difference an ISO standard can make to your safety when you're having fun on the ski slopes, haring round the bend on a rollercoaster or riding a mountain bike. You might also be interested to learn about standards that deal with mental stress at work or make your office open space more pleasant.

In fact, standards are all around us, in the objects we use every day. There are standards that look out for our health, ensuring our glasses are correctly fitted and our condoms effective, standards that keep our money safe by issuing guidelines for financial planners, and standards that help us work out if our watches are water-resistant, keep our face creams bug-free and demystify textile care labels.

In this issue, you are the star of our Guest Interview. We asked you through our social media channels to tell us how ISO standards impacted your daily lives. We received contributions from around the world and published a few of the best. Find out what our finalists, Philile, Mike, Darion and Monika, have to say about the standards that make a difference to them.

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