New ISO video introduces "simpler, faster and better" Website on International Standards

by Roger Frost on
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ISO has just launched a video on YouTube giving a quick introduction to the new ISO Website that aims to give “simpler, faster and better” access to information on ISO International Standards.

The new Website, which went live in June, has been fully revised with customer focus and readability in mind. The concise introductory video helps busy people quickly learn how to get the best out of the site and discover how ISO standards provide benefits for business, government and society.

The new Website puts users first. The layout and content have been specifically designed to help visitors find information quickly and easily, on any device.

Today, most of us access the Internet through a variety of platforms. The new ISO Website adopts a “one-Web” approach. Its fluid and responsive layout flexibly adapts to different resolutions, browsers and screen sizes, so that no matter how users access the site (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), they can read it comfortably and easily. The new site is also much easier to navigate than its predecessor.

To access, the video, go to: http://youtu.be/Clq2vK_MCWI

To access the new Website, go to: www.iso.org.