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Stoking the biofuel flame

Halving global energy‐related CO2 emissions by 2050, a target set by the international community will require a doubling of renewable energy generation by 2020. Solid biofuels, fuels derived from biomass or renewable waste feedstocks, is by far the largest renewable energy source so is likely to play an important role in a low carbon future.

Building bonds with our customers in 2013

What did ISO get up to in 2013? Highlighting the organization's performance and innovations during the last year, ISO's 2013 Annual Report is now available on the ISO Website.

ISO toughens tests for machine readable passports

Stolen passports? Fudged or forged travel documents? Verifying the passports of travellers at ports of entry, including airports, is a critical issue. Some of the many advantages of carrying a machine readable travel document (MRTDs) are a decrease in the instances of passport forgery, the reduction of errors, and faster processing times.

Safari reaches new heights with ISO 9001

Would you have associated zoos with ISO 9001? If not, think again. In 2004 Africam Safari was the first ever animal park to gain certification to ISO 9001 for the quality of its guided tours, and now boasts a happy staff, happy clients... and happy animals! We asked Bibian Pinto, Head of the Quality Department of Africam Safari, about their quality system. Here she tells us how the animal paradise manages to keep quality up, and complaints down.


Lighten your load with new OBP collection for aluminium

What do the automotive, transportation, building, construction and packaging industries have in common? They all employ aluminium. And now these industries can access all ISO standards for aluminium thanks to a new online collection on the Online Browsing Platform (OBP).

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