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And the ISO excellence award goes to...

The Japanese-led ISO subcommittee that develops International Standards for the testing and analysis of rubber and rubber products was presented with the prestigious Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award at the 37th ISO General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Granted annually since 2003, the award recognizes ISO technical committees and subcommittee for outstanding work in creative and innovative standards development.

ISO family gathers for annual General Assembly in Rio

Over 400 delegates met today for the 37th ISO General Assembly. Held in Rio, Brazil, the event brings together representatives of more than 120 ISO member countries to discuss International Standards and their impact on business, society, and the global economy.

Enter the first cyborg-type robot

What if cyborgs were real ? Partly robot, partly man, functioning as one. No, we are not talking science fiction anymore. The first one is here and his name is HAL.

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