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New guidelines to ensure water supply during a crisis

When disaster strikes, water, the most basic resource crucial for our survival, may become compromised. To help water utilities be prepared and continue to operate in any event, ISO has just published ISO 24518. The new standard lists the steps utilities have to take in order to be ready for any crisis situation. ISO 24518 also looks at what to do during an emergency, and how to re-establish services and learn from the situation.

Who won the #speakstandards video competition?

A team of 4 from Mexico has won the first prize in the #speakstandards video competition. Their video highlighting the importance of standardized graphical symbols in our daily life received half of the nearly 6 500 public votes.

Day and night, you can always count on an ISO standard

While the sun is clearly our main source of light, artificial illumination has become increasingly important in our daily activities. Light allows us to communicate, entertain, explore and understand the world we inhabit and the universe we live in.

Dollars and sense: ISO's standard for currency codes has been revised

Pounds or sterling, dollars or bucks? Our globalized world would feel a lot less global if it we didn't have agreed codes for money. Thankfully ISO's newly revised standard for currency codes has just been published, ensuring it is fit for the challenges of a fast changing, ever diminishing world.

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