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Mobile payments to take off with new series of standards

It is not so long ago that a mobile phone was used to make phone calls. These days it is used for everything from navigating our way through the streets to paying our bills and managing our bank accounts. Mobile payments and banking is one of the fastest growing areas of mobile use, but in order for the functions to work across the many platforms involved, harmonized processes and transparency is key. A new series of standards in development aims to offer just that.

ISO 55001, Sodexoʼs bottom line

Asset management can be the single most powerful weapon in a companyʼs arsenal for saving time, money and lots of executive headaches. Using ISO 55001, Sodexo, a world leader in quality-of-life services, rolled out a best-practice model for asset management across numerous countries and industries - and it did it " The Sodexo Way ".

Service Birmingham delivers value with service management

Service Birmingham reduced costs and improved efficiency, agility and customer satisfaction, all in the effort to respond to public-sector pressures to "do more with less" while maintaining excellent service quality. This was made possible thanks to the implementation of ISO/IEC 20000 for service management.

How do we know how to measure anything?

Can you imagine what it would be like to make any scientific discovery or invention without measurements? Nearly impossible. But it's not enough to simply agree on units of measurement. These have to be consistent, reliable and standardized in order to enable international collaboration and interoperability. There is a science to measurement, and it's called metrology.

Make resilience the key to a prosperous future

We live in a world of uncertainty and instability, and where the rate of change is accelerating at speeds never seen before. At today's rate of change, the 21st century will see 20,000 years of progress, which will be a thousand times more than in the century before. So how can organizations keep up? Resilience is the key, and a new standard in development aimed at helping organizations be resilient has just reached a crucial stage.

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