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From Australia to Nigeria - The road to building smart cities

As the world population continues to soar, our planet's resources are being strained to the limit. By 2050, some 9.1 billion people will call urban areas home, so ensuring a good quality of life and equal opportunities for all is becoming increasingly challenging. The way forward lies in smart sustainable cities. Here, three very different towns tell us how they hope to reach this goal.

Happy cities for happy people

A future of smart cities promises to make our life easier and more pleasant. Here, as the Convenor of the ISO working group on city indicators, Dr. Patricia McCarney shares her thoughts about the needs of our cities, and why a citizen-centric approach is a smart choice.

Improving public alerts in emergency situations

People at risk, be it from natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other incidents in daily life, need to be able to take appropriate safety actions based on a proper understanding of the level and nature of the emergency.

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