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Pharma sector gets new ISO tool for drug identification

With hundreds of thousands of prescription drugs on the market, the pharmaceutical sector faces an increasingly complex and risky challenge. Rapid growth in the number of available medications may be contributing to increased uncertainties. That is where the new ISO IDMP (IDentification of Medicinal Products) comes in.

New ISO standard to validate microorganism testing methods for the food industry

Having access to safe and nutritious food is essential. Meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, shellfish, etc., contain significant microbial flora and this can affect our health. Therefore, it is important to identify the microorganisms to maintain food safety but the microbial flora can also affect, if not controlled, the quality of food and its shelf life. Whether you are a manufacturer or user of microbiological test methods, you want to ensure that your methods are fully tested, validated and fit for use.

The future of service standards and international trade

From telecommunications to tourism, as international trade in services flourishes, so does the need and potential for standards, because standards help to improve quality and make things work. We talk to David Shark, deputy director general of the WTO, on his views of the future of service standards in international trade.

ISO 50001 on energy management is under revision

Improving energy performance and reducing energy costs is one of the most important tasks that organizations throughout the world, have to achieve. ISO 50001 on energy management can help organizations with this exercise and since its publication five years ago it has gained much importance.

Standards: the solution for global services

The power and potential of standards in the services sector is the theme of a new global ISO campaign this week (13-17 June), held to raise awareness of the importance of standards for driving economic growth and improving the quality of services.

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