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Stay safe on the slopes

With this year's ski season now open, you have decided to stow away your old gear in the attic and get yourself new skis and boots. Yet, whether you are buying or renting brand new or second-hand equipment, getting your ski bindings adjusted is essential before hitting the slopes.

ISO 14001 revision proceeds to final stage

ISO 14001 on environmental management systems has progressed to Final Draft International Standard - the next stage in the ISO standard revision process - following approval of the latest draft by an impressive 92 % at the end of 2014.

Keeping data safe - what's your back up?

Securely storing and protecting data requires a whole lot more than a simple back up. A new ISO International standard for data storage security ensures your valuable information stays in safe hands.

How to get outsourcing right

With new companies like Uber and AirBnb changing the rules of the game for those with more established "traditional" business models, many are turning to outsourcing as one way to diversify, specialize, cut costs and become more competitive in a modern business environment. Getting this move right can be challenging, but on this video interview Peter Bannink, Project Editor of ISO 37500, shares with us how a new ISO standard on outsourcing can help organizations do just that.

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