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Constructing earthquake-resistant structures

Devastating earthquakes are a global phenomenon, as anyone in Nepal, Japan, or Indonesia can tell you. The consequences can be crushing: human lives are lost and confusion in everyday life and stagnation of economic activities occur. Now, a new ISO standard will help reduce the loss of life by preventing the collapse of buildings when disaster strikes.

From robots to drones: innovation needs #hitechstandards!

New technologies are pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible: from the first 3D printed car to robots that can detect your mood to the latest holo glasses. Some innovations can change lives, like the robot legs that help people to walk again or 3D printed organs, but without International Standards it would be extremely difficult and slow to make these readily accessible. From 22-26 June, the global standards community is driving #hitechstandards, a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of standards for new technologies.

My connected car

With 87 million vehicles produced in 2013, the motor car has come a long way since its birth in 1886. Today, research into advanced technologies is revolutionizing the automotive world. Packed full of sensors, safety aids and remote monitoring devices, the vehicle of the future is gaining in sophistication and automation.

ISO standards help China rise to the innovation challenge

You heard it from us first, the smart scooter is now a thing. Chinese company Inmotion is working on the next generation of these electronic two-wheelers, featuring functions like auto-positioning with ultrasonic distance measurement and sensors to save time and effort.

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