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Keeping radiation at bay

Exposure to ionizing radiation is a potential risk in many situations, and ISO has many standards that help to ensure the level of exposure is kept at safe levels. Now two new standards have been published that focus on the dosimetric monitoring of medical staff and the radon that emanates from building materials.


Safe and sane at work

Combating workplace stress is the theme of today's World Day for Safety and Health at Work - and ISO standards can help.

Revision is ongoing for ISO 22000 on food safety management

The consequences of unsafe food can be devastating, both for consumers and businesses worldwide. With many of today’s food products repeatedly travelling across national boundaries, ISO 22000 is more essential than ever to the safety of the global food supply chain, Now, the standard is being substantially revised to ensure it stays relevant to modern needs.

Records management in the digital age

The records management landscape is changing. With the rise of digital content, and our increasing reliance on it, changes to the way we manage our records are inevitable. The question is how to manage these changes. Look no further than the newly published ISO 15489-1 for all your records management solutions.

Vape and vapour products make their debut in international standardization

Vape and vapour products represent a technical and economic novelty. The electronic cigarette devices and their consumables called e-liquids are recognized as a genuinely disruptive innovation, having reached mass markets in many countries in just a few years. The use of electronic cigarettes has rapidly become popular around the world, especially in North America and Europe.

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