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March 2013

ISO Focus+, 3/2013

Gaining ground

Standardization has traditionally been a male-dominated field, but much has changed over time as more and more women take up the challenge, demonstrating leadership and skill.

This issue of ISO Focus+ gives a voice to a selection of outstanding women, from CEOs of national standards bodies to experts in ISO technical committees. Although each has a unique story to tell, there is a common message: gender diversity enriches our work and strengthens an organization.

The issue looks at what has been accomplished so far, but also takes a critical look at the work that remains to be done, in order to continue gaining ground.

Guest interview


Ellen Kullman

In an exclusive interview DuPont’s CEO Ellen Kullman talks about the role of International Standards in today’s industry.

“International Standards enable operational excellence and standardization across our complex global company. They are also key to our relationships with partner companies since they build a basis for mutual trust and common understanding based on clear specifications and performance expectations.”

Special Report

In Ada's footsteps - Decoding the non-gender gap

Information technology (IT) is not only innovative for its cuttingedge designs and for making people’s daily lives healthier, more comfortable, safer and richer, it is also one of the few industry sectors where gender equality is (almost) a reality.

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Standards in action

CEOs speak out: Why it pays to work in standards!

Some 26 CEOs of ISO’s national bodies are women. Here, six of them talk about their careers to date, life at the top and the role of women in standardization.

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Management solutions

Never tire of saving energy! ISO 50001 is a win-win for Bridgestone

by Garry Lambert

By the end of 2012, the energy management systems of more than 1000 organizations in 50 countries had been certified to ISO 50001, only 18 months after its publication. Many are major global enterprises seeking to achieve continual improvement in energy performance, including enhanced energy efficiency, and reduced energy use and consumption.

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