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July-August 2016

Cover of ISOfocus July/August 2016 - A time for trust

A time for trust

With trust, businesses and consumers embark on a lifelong journey towards solutions that will meet their mutual expectations – productivity, performance and quality of life. In this issue, you’ll learn about how standards help bridge this relationship, instilling confidence on both sides.

So what are some of the issues affected by trust?
How can ISO standards help? And which changes/improvements are poised to make the biggest impact? In a comprehensive selection of articles, we spoke to a number of experts to get their input on a handful of subjects.

Rae DulmageSpotlight

What to expect when buying second-hand goods

How can we be sure that the second-hand kettle we buy won’t blow up in our face? Purchasing used products can bring its share of bad surprises, but ISO/TS 20245 helps make sure those hand-me-down treasures are not a swizz.

Getting a “really good deal” can cause us to miss the warning signals.

Leading articles from this issue

Combatting toy-related injuries

by Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis

Toys are the treasures of childhood. But if you’re not careful, toys can be hazardous, too. Knowing what dangers are linked with certain toys and age groups can help parents better protect their children from injuries. Here, we look at how ISO/TR 8124-8 aims to design age-appropriate toys with the highest level of safety in mind.

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The mystery of the Phantom of Heilbronn

by Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis

A female serial killer named " Phantom of Heilbronn " was linked to 40 crimes, six of which were murders. Yet in 2009 it was discovered that she didn’t exist.
Here, we look at this fascinating tale of DNA contamination introduced to each crime scene and how ISO 18385 will assist forensic science in addressing this issue.

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Do you trust the food you eat?

by Ann Brady

The global food industry has never faced more challenges. From tainted dairy products to contaminated beef, high-profile cases crop up regularly to dent consumer confidence, while leading companies work hard to reclaim lost faith. So, how trustworthy is your food ?

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