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March-April 2014

ISOfocus, March-April 2014

Business smart

As business pressures intensify, one thing is clear: success will demand not only new skills and strategies but also new standardization perspectives on how to build a strong business. This is the “smart-business” difference.

In the ISOfocus magazine (March/April 2014 edition), you'll learn about the three business trends that are changing the way we run our companies and how standards are making inroads to help us thrive and survive.

Water warriorSpotlight

The water warrior

Duncan Ellison has been fighting for water quality and protecting the sacred resource his whole life. This former Executive Director of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, and a long active member of national and international standardization, ponders the global water dilemma and the role that standardization can play in solving this universal problem.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by water.

Leading articles from this issue

Big plans for big data

by Elizabeth Gasiorowski Denis

Smart organizations have long relied on data to help make strategic business decisions. But –big data” has its challenges that need to be addressed before it can have real impact. A new study group will assess and bring greater insight into the complexities of big data and the ensuing role of standards.

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The future belongs to those who collaborate

by Elizabeth Gasiorowski Denis

In today’s ever-changing world, companies can achieve significantly more through collaboration. The term is being bandied around more and more in both industry and government circles, offering a timely opportunity for ISO’s move forward with a collaborative business relationships framework. This will open doors for greater innovation, competitiveness and successful outcomes.

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The Pernod Ricard Way

by Sandrine Tranchard

Drinking is meant to be a social activity. But excessive drinking can be harmful. So can an alcoholic beverage company be socially responsible ?
Pernod Ricard seems to think so. Not only does the company take social responsibility seriously, but it has put its long-time reputation and brand at stake.

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