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September-October 2015

Urban living

Traffic jams, pollution, derelict areas, these are problems that many cities face. And rising urban populations mean these problems may soon get a great deal worse. The move toward smarter cities is one way to help urban areas grow and become better places to live at the same time.

What does a “smart” city look like? To find out, read the latest ISOfocus, which looks at some of the smart city trends, the challenges, and how standards provide the platform from which smart cities can grow.


Introducing Jamaica’s newest export

Her story has the makings of a Hollywood hit – triumph over adversity. Now, the ISO/DIN essay winner Ester Williams opens up about her hardship-filled childhood, the pride of buying the family home, the role hard work has played in her career – and the standards campaign she’s championing.

Her essay and video on the theme of “Sustainable energy future”, according to Dr. Torsten Bahke, Director of DIN, captured the urgency of our current situation as well as eloquently describing the situation in Jamaica and how standards truly can have a positive impact.

For me, to buy our family home was the best present.

Leading articles from this issue

Creating tomorrow's urban landscape

by Mary Ritchie

Our cities and the way we work are changing. A future of smart cities will not only affect our working practices, but it will probably change the way we think. Here, we look at some of the ways in which cities are changing today, and how standards can help create tomorrow’s urban landscape.

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Smart cities get on their bikes

Many cities today are plagued by traffic congestion and, in densely populated urban areas, the fastest way of getting around is often on a bicycle. Philippe Legrand, Chair of ISO/TC 149/SC 1, Cycles and major sub-assemblies, tells us how standards can help our cities pedal their way back to urban bliss.

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M&S champions sustainable business with ISO 26000

In its quest to become the world’s most sustainable retailer, Marks & Spencer has set a high standard for environmental sustainability and is influencing disruptive change throughout the industry.

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