ISO standards and water

Few challenges are more global than water. ISO provides global tools to help us manage our shared water resources equitably and durably. ISO water standards build confidence through consensus-based global solutions for good business practice, management of resources, risk assessment, metrics and infrastructure. They facilitate sustainable water management and increase water potential, helping alleviate water scarcity and contributing to achieving the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

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ISO and water

An overview of ISO's solutions for addressing vital global water challenges and how they can help.

Articles on this topic

The Power of Water

Make a difference with over 1 000 energy and water standards on World Water Day! Celebrated on 22 March, this year if focuses on the nexus of water and energy.

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The water warrior

Duncan Ellison has been fighting for water quality and protecting the sacred resource his whole life. This former Executive Director of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, and a long active member of national and international standardization, ponders the global water dilemma and the role that standardization can play in solving this universal problem.

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What users think - ISO guidelines keep water flowing

Access to water is a basic human right. So says the United Nations whose ambitious Millennium Development Goals aim to improve access to drinking water and wastewater services throughout the world by 2015. Supporting this endeavour, ISO has developed a series of standards on drinking water and wastewater services that provide a common methodology for assessing the services provided by water utilities of all types and sizes worldwide.

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No more waste - Tracking water footprints

Water is an essential natural resource, vital for life. Growing water demand, increasing scarcity and degradation of water quality means that its use and management have become central to the global debate on sustainability.

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