Sustainable development

ISO standards and sustainable development

Rio de Janeiro’s 1992 conference put sustainable development clearly on the political agenda. More than twenty years on, the issue is more relevant than ever. From carbon footprint to community infrastructures, sustainable events and the many environmental challenges that businesses face, ISO has a comprehensive range of standards that can help businesses and organizations all over the world make progress in the three pillars of sustainable development – the environment, economy and society.

The carbon footprint is increasingly used to measure our impact on the environment. But does one size fit all? ISO has produced a briefing note that explains the importance of consistency and the benefits standards can bring.

Sustainable development is also an essential ingredient of cities and communities of the future. Learn more about how standards contribute to smart cities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Video: ISO and social responsibility

Video: ISO and Social Responsibility

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Smart cities: essential for global sustainability and urban efficiency

by Katie Bird

World experts will address key pain points that hinder Smart City development during World Smart City Forum and live-stream in Singapore on 13 July 2016. Online audiences are invited to submit questions.

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Standard for tackling land degradation takes step closer to publication

by Clare Naden

We live in a world where growing populations, over-development and ever-changing climate patterns are taking a daily toll on the land around us. Droughts, floods, over-cultivation, deforestation, the draining of water supplies, and unsustainable practices in general, are literally pillaging our earth. But a new standard in development aims to help combat that, and has just reached a crucial stage.

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Environmental management guidance standard now published

by Clare Naden

Following the revision of ISO 14001, the newly revised ISO 14004 helps organizations get the most out of their environmental management system.

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