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Make a video for World Standards Day and win one of 4 cash prizes!

by Maria Lazarte on

This year, IEC, ISO and ITU are organizing a video competition to raise awareness of the importance of standards in our daily life. The best video will be awarded 1 500 Swiss francs, with the three runners-up each receiving 500 Swiss francs.

To participate you have to imagine a world without International Standards. For instance, the exchange of goods and services would be much harder because of safety, compatibility and quality concerns, prices would be higher as competition would be limited, and international communication and collaboration would be very difficult. Everyday tasks like online shopping or taking money out of the bank would become almost impossible without the form of common language that standards bring, which ensures products are compatible and work well with each other.

To take part in this international contest open to all, choose just one example of something that would not work or that we could not do if we had no International Standards. Get your friends, family, and colleagues to help you and capture it on video – that’s all! Share it with us, and you may be our winner.

Keep in mind the following rules:

1 – You must be a team of 2 to 6 people.

2 – Your video should be a maximum of 15 seconds.

3 – You have to add the competition’s clip.

4 – Once your video is completed, upload it to YouTube.

5 – Send us the YouTube link between 1 June and 10 July 2015 by tweeting, sharing it on Instagram (don’t forget to include the YouTube link as well as the video), or messaging via Facebook. Whichever you choose, be sure to use the hashtag #speakstandards.

6 – Make sure you have met all the conditions here.

Once the contest closes on 10 July, IEC, ISO and ITU, will get together and select the top 10 favourite videos based on:

  • Relevance: Does your video really show an example of something that would not work without standards?
  • Understanding: Do you understand the impact of standards developed by IEC, ISO, ITU on our lives?
  • Creativity and originality: We are looking for a variety of examples, so you will have more chance if you are not doing the same as everyone else.
  • Compliance: Make sure you meet all the rules.

Don’t be afraid to have a sense of humour, we like to laugh. And, of course, quality is key – although we don’t expect a cinematographic result, every little helps.

The shortlisted candidates will be put up for voting on our social media channels so the public can select their favourite!

For more information, click here.

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