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ISO family gathers for annual General Assembly in Rio

by Elizabeth Gasiorowski Denis on
Speaker on stage during ISO General Assembly 2014 in Rio de Janeiro
Over 400 delegates met today for the 37th ISO General Assembly. Held in Rio, Brazil, the event brings together representatives of more than 120 ISO member countries to discuss International Standards and their impact on business, society, and the global economy.

In his opening address, Julio Bueno, Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro State of Economic Development, Energy, Industries and Services, provided thought-provoking remarks on Brazil and its complex economy. “The most important economic sector for us is the oil industry and the state of Rio accounts for 80% of this,” Mr. Bueno said, highlighting that capacity building in this sector was a big challenge for the country today.

Additional viewpoints from the aviation industry were shared by the Executive Vice President of Embraer Mauro Kern as keynote speaker. Kern shared his views on the pillars needed to help the industry move towards a more sustainable future, highlighting the need to adapt, innovate and cooperate

“Cooperation is key,” said Mauro Kern. “The problems we are facing today are too big for any single institution, company or individual to deal with alone”.

In addition to presentations by ISO President Terry Hill, ISO Secretary-General Rob Steele and ABNT President Pedro Buzatto Costa, attendees broke off into four breakout sessions:

  • Standards and regulations
  • Member excellence
  • If the next generation redesigned ISO what would it look like?
  • Refreshing ISO's communication strategy: Create your own personas!

These efforts are key for members to share experiences and learn from colleagues, a point emphasized by Rob Steele.

The ISO week in Brazil is being held from 8 to 12 September in Rio de Janeiro. This year’s agenda includes the annual 37th ISO General Assembly, a seminar on SMEs, a session focusing on sustainability and a day devoted to developing countries. The week-long event is being hosted by ABNT, ISO’s member in Brazil.

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And the ISO excellence award goes to...

The Japanese-led ISO subcommittee that develops International Standards for the testing and analysis of rubber and rubber products was presented with the prestigious Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award at the 37th ISO General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Granted annually since 2003, the award recognizes ISO technical committees and subcommittee for outstanding work in creative and innovative standards development.

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