The ISO Academy

The ISO Academy offers a comprehensive range of services, including training, technical assistance, research and support for education. Its work builds on ISO’s extensive network of national members as well as its partnerships with industry, academia and development agencies all around the world.

The ISO Academy has two main areas: “Development and Training” and “Education and Research”.

Training and Development

The ISO Development and Training unit offers:


ISO’s training materials are available to all ISO members and cover a wide range of subject matters about standards and standardization. This includes materials dedicated to specific standards and standardization areas in addition to materials covering the development, dissemination and implementation of International Standards.

ISO’s training services are focused on supporting the development and dissemination of International Standards, and include programs for ISO members and specific courses for Technical Committee secretaries and their support staff.

For further information about the Technical Committee Secretaries' training week and other courses for Standards Developers, please see the page in the members' area (login required)


Helping to build capacity and increase the participation of developing country members' in International Standardization is one of ISO's key objectives The ISO Action Plan for developing countries provides the general framework for ISO's activities in this area.

The Action Plan is supported by the financial assistance of external donors and encompasses a variety of technical assistance and training programs.

Read more about ISO's work with developing countries.

For a schedule of open tenders or proposals managed by ISO's development unit, see here.

Education and Research

The ISO Education and Research unit offers:

ISO supports education about all aspects of standardization. We provide information on activities undertaken by national standards bodies in this area, guidance to ISO members on how to establish or strengthen cooperation with education institutes, access to original ISO teaching materials and information on teaching materials developed by a variety of other organizations.

See our education pages for more details.

ISO research activities are focused on the analysis of the benefits that International Standards, and more generally, standards, bring to organizations and society. See our benefits of standards pages for more information.

ISO’s research also covers the role of standardization in relation to other areas.

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Technical Committee Secretaries' week

For dates and details of Technical Committee Secretaries' courses see the members' area (login required)

Learn from the best

Meet experts and users from all over the world sharing their insights and knowledge related to standardization.

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