Rwanda (RBS)

Membership: Member body

Rwanda Bureau of Standards
P.O. Box 7099

Tel: +250 252 582945
Fax: +250 252 583305
E-mail: info@rbs.org.rw
Web: www.rwanda-standards.org

Webstore: rbs.isolutions.iso.org/rbs

Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS) is a public institution established by Rwanda Government Legislation No. 03/2002 of 19/01/2002, reviewed by the Law Nº 43/2006 of 05/10/2006 determining the responsibilities, organization and functioning of the Rwanda Bureau of Standards (RBS) to undertake all activities pertaining to the development of Standards, Quality assurance, Metrology and Testing (SQMT) in the country. The current staff is 82.

Participation in the technical work

TC Participation 13
PDC Participation 2