Togo (CSN)

Membership: Correspondent member

Conseil Supérieur de Normalisation
CASEF 4e étage, Porte 456 B.P. 831

Tel: +228 221 22 89
Fax: +228 221 22 89
E-mail: togonormes@yahoo.fr

The Conseil Supérieur de Normalisation (CSN) is an interministerial body in charge of establishing on behalf of the State a general standardization and quality control policy and of ensuring its implementation.

The CSN consists of 23 members from the public sector, the private sector and civil society. It is chaired by the Minister in charge of industry or the latter's representative. Its technical Secretariat, which acts as the Togo national standards body, is a division of the Directorate for Industry and, therefore, does not have a separate budget.

At the sub-regional level, within the West African Economic and Monetary Union - UEMOA, CSN provides the Secretariat of the technical committees on "Basic standards" and "Wood and wood products".

The CSN does not have a national accreditation system. It is integrated within the UEMOA accreditation system: the West African accreditation system (Système Ouest-africain d'accréditation), SOAC, for which it acts as a national focal point.

Participation in the technical work

TC Participation 1
PDC Participation 1