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Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia y de la Protección de la Propiedad Intelectual
Calle La Prosa 104
San Borja
PE-Lima 41

Tel: +51 1 224 78 00
Fax: +51 1 224 78 00
E-mail: standards@indecopi.gob.pe
Web: www.indecopi.gob.pe/

The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) is an autonomous public institution, established by Decree Law 1033 of June 2008.

INDECOPI, through its Standardization and Non-Tariff Barriers Surveillance Commission, is the Peruvian Standards Body. It is the national institution responsible for approving recommended Peruvian standards for all sectors. It is responsible for pronouncing official judgment on the application of regulations that introduce non-tariff, technical barriers to trade.

These functions were brought together in an effort to prevent the emergence of non-tariff mechanisms concealed in technical standards, quality control operations and provisions governing weights, measurement and labeling.

INDECOPI's standardization effort is carried through 105 Technical Committees, in which 1 200 organizations are represented. As of 2009, the number of Peruvian Standards was 4 048.

INDECOPI is Member Body of ISO and an affiliate member of the IEC. It is a full member of COPANT (Pan American Standards Commission) and of the RAN (Standardization Network of the Andean Community of Nations).

Participation in the technical work

TC Participation 39
PDC Participation 3