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Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione
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Created on 26th January 1921 by the National Association of Manufacturers in Mechanics as "UNIM", it extended its activities to all other sectors (with the exception of the electrical) and took the name of "UNI" in 1928.
UNI operates as a non-profit association and acquired legal status by Presidential Decree in 1955, its role was officially confirmed in Italy and Europe in 2013 as a consequence of art. 27 of UE Regulation 1025/2012.

UNI is entrusted with the development, publication and promotion of standards to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the socioeconomic system: standards are tools to help innovation, competitiveness, consumers' and environment protection, quality (of products, services, processes and professionals).

UNI represents the Italian interest in European and International standardisation in order to:

Participation in the technical work

TC Participation 691
PDC Participation 3