Guinea (IGNM)

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Institut Guinéen de Normalisation et de Métrologie
Ministère de l'Industrie, du Commerce, du Tourisme et de l'Artisanat
Quartier Almamya, KA 003, BP : 1639

Tel: +224 622 57 23 08 / +224 655 29 95 39
Fax: +224 30 41 39 90
E-mail: inm89@yahoo.fr

The primary task of the Institut National de la Normalisation et de la Métrologie (INNM) is to implement the government's policy regarding standardization, quality control and certification, and metrology in liaison with the various fields of activity and other associations, including: the administration, industry, research and trade associations, etc.

To that end, l'INNM is responsible for:
- ensuring the dissemination of existing standards among users at national level;
- identifying within the different economic and social sectors the need for standardization and related activities (quality control, certification and metrology) and to coordinate the standards programmes;
- developing Guinean standards per field of activity, production chain and product;
- disseminating quality control methods among companies;
- managing a system of certification of conformity to standards with a view to granting a national quality mark (LABEL GUINEE);
- assisting with the training of staff involved in standardization and related activities;
- preserving and promoting the national physical standards within the national territory;
- assessing, calibrating and verifying measuring instruments used in particular in trade, industry and laboratories;
- participating in metrology and standardization work at regional and international levels.

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