Ecuador (INEN)

Membership: Member body

Instituto Ecuatoriano de Normalización
E8-29 Calles Baquerizo Moreno y Diego de Almagro
Edificio: INEN P.O. Box 17-01-3999
EC-Quito, DM Pichincha EC170517

Tel: +593 22 56 56 26
Fax: +593 22 56 78 15
E-mail: aortiz@normalizacion.gob.ec
Web: www.normalizacion.gob.ec/

Webstore: isolutions-store.iso.org/inen

INEN, the Instituto Ecuatoriano de Normalización, was established by Supreme Decree on 28 August,1970. INEN is the official National Standards Body of the Republic of Ecuador for standardization, certification and metrology, responsible for formulating Ecuadorian Technical Standards, aimed to satisfy local needs and facilitate trade both locally and internationally.

In 2007, Congress bylaw of the Ecuadorian Quality System granted INEN public entity status, fulfilling the role of national body for standardization, metrology and regulation. INEN is the technical arm under the Ministry of Industry and Productivity.

As the driver of the Ecuadorian Quality System, INEN provides solutions to satisfy the needs of the State and the nation's productivity chain with tools to improve the quality of products and services, as well as consumer protection.

INEN represents Ecuador in ISO, IEC, COPANT (Pan American Standards Commission) and CAN (Andean Community of Nations). Working closely with State or Government entities, industry, consumers, and academia INEN studies technical standards, which, when approved, are applied at the national level on a voluntary basis.

Participation in the technical work

TC Participation 27
PDC Participation 3