29th CASCO Plenary meeting and workshop

Beijing, China, 9–11 October 2013


It is an honour and a pleasure for us to welcome you to the 29th CASCO plenary and workshop that will be held in Beijing from 9 to 11 October 2013. This year the event is hosted by SAC (Standardization Administration of China) and CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of China) who very kindly offered to invite CASCO to Beijing for its annual plenary meeting.



The participation to the CASCO Plenary and workshop is restricted to persons nominated by members of CASCO. CASCO members are invited to nominate not more than three official delegates who may be accompanied by observers.

Names of delegates - and observers and accompanying persons, if any - are to be conveyed to the CASCO Secretariat by using the online form and entering the username and password allocated to your organization by the ISO Central Secretariat to access the CASCO directory on the ISODOC server.

For those willing to participate only in the workshop, please contact your national member body for registration.

Register for plenary and workshop


Any foreigner entering China is required to hold a valid Chinese visa. Note that Chinese visas need to be arranged prior to your arrival in China. You will find all the information about the visa requirements on the website of the Embassy or consulate of China in your country of residence. In the meantime you can find the general visa policy here.

If among the visa requirements, you need an invitation letter, please send your request directly to the Chinese host organization at the following e-mail address: casco2013@ccaa.org.cn, copy to Madeleine Emorine at emorine@iso.org. Please, supply information as follows:

Workshop « Impact of Economic Globalization, Regulation and Consumer Safety on Conformity Assessment », 11 October 2013

SAC and CNCA hosts of the 2013 plenary together with CASCO are organizing the above workshop on 11 October. The objective is to present, exchange ideas and discuss how the economic globalization, regulations and consumer safety as experienced by the different regions impacts conformity assessment activities. It will also look at what role conformity assessment plays in assisting regulators at national and regional levels in implementing regulation and ensuring consumer safety. The event will gather stakeholder representatives from China including from the central government, local government market surveillance authorities, industries and from Conformity assessment bodies as well as the delegates from CASCO. It will also be attended by regulators from the region.

Programme: Download the workshop programme

Venue: same as for the plenary, at the conference center of the Chang An Grand Hotel


Laurent Charlet
Project Manager, Conformity Assessment
ISO Central Secretariat
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Anna Koroleva
Project Manager, Conformity Assessment
ISO Central Secretariat
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Administrative support:

Madeleine Emorine
Assistant, Conformity Assessment
ISO Central Secretariat
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