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In 2012 we concentrated on reducing our environmental impact as part of our efforts to be more sustainable.

Environmental management

Our overall target is to cut the carbon footprint of the Central Secretariat by 4 % between 2009 and 2014 from an already low level. In 2011 we received ISO 14001 certification and continued to reap the benefits of our environmental management system during 2012.

The Central Secretariat’s main commitments are to:

  • Assess and respect the applicable environmental laws
  • Monitor and continually shrink its environmental footprint

We have taken many steps to achieve this, including:

  • The development of efficient IT tools to reduce the circulation of paper documents and facilitate meetings,
  • The optimization of energy consumption, essentially on ISO premises, and
  • Web conferencing to reduce travel where possible – see below.

Web conferencing

One of the most important tools that helps reduce our environmental footprint is Web conferencing. The service is free to all ISO stakeholders engaged in ISO-related work and results in increased meeting flexibility, greater participation in standards development, less travel, and therefore a reduced carbon footprint.

On average, the ISO community held 250 electronic meetings each month in 2012 – twice as many as in 2011 and a fivefold increase from 2010!

For more information, contact webconferencing@iso.org

“Certification is not a requirement of ISO 9001 or ISO 14001, but with more than a million organizations around the world certified to one or other, or both, of the standards, ISO Central Secretariat was honour-bound to show that it could take its own medicine.

I’m proud of the way the team in Geneva has responded to the challenge."

Rob Steele
ISO Secretary-General (Chief Executive Officer)
ISO Central Secretariat