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ISO has contributed significantly to inspiring solutions for many global companies to bring innovation to the marketplace, facilitate the development of new markets and increase consumer knowledge and confidence.

Here is what a selection of the users, customers and stakeholders of our standards had to say in 2012.

Paul Bulcke

CEO, Nestlé

Tastes may differ, but health requirements and minimum standards are the same the world over. International Standards, therefore, help to shape our company so that we can be a global player with globally recognized terms of reference.

Paul Bulcke

Geesung Choi

Vice-Chairman and CEO Samsung Electronics

"In establishing operational infrastructure and product lines, adopting stringent ISO guidelines – that have proved themselves over many decades – has helped to increase brand value, efficiency and reliability."

Geesung Choi

Hyoung-Keun Lee

Vice-Chairman and CEO, Kia Motors

"For a company like Kia, with 80 % of our sales volume outside of Korea, International Standards are among the most important management tools at our disposal."

Maria das Graças Silva Foster

CEO, Petrobras

“Applying International Standards is of strategic importance to ensure competitiveness in our business… aimed at ensuring quality, operational efficiency and compliance with health, safety and environmental requirements.”

Sergio Marchionne

CEO, Chrysler Group and Fiat

"We do need standards; the world needs standards. Standards help an enterprise manage business-critical issues, such as quality, environmental performance and safety."

Mark Halle

Director, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

"We welcome ISO’s growing portfolio of sustainability standards that now span energy management, greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting, life-cycle costing, renewable energy technologies and much more."

Mark Halle