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ISO 11336-1:2012

Large yachts -- Strength, weathertightness and watertightness of glazed openings -- Part 1: Design criteria, materials, framing and testing of independent glazed openings

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ISO 11336-1:2012 specifies technical requirements for glazed openings on large yachts, taking into account navigation conditions, and the location of the opening.

Large yachts are yachts with length of the hull, LH, higher or equal to 24 m, in use for sport or pleasure and commercial operations, with a tonnage limitation up to 3 000 gross tonnage, according to the International Tonnage Convention.

The opening and the associated closing appliances considered in ISO 11336-1:2012 are only those that are above the deepest waterline (dsw) and are critical for the ship integrity related to weathertightness and watertightness, i.e. those that could lead to ingress of water in the hull in case of rupture of the pane.

The scope of ISO 11336-1:2012 is related to and limited to independent glazed openings.


  • Edition: 1 (Monolingual) ICS: 47.040
    Status: Published Stage: 60.60 (2012-07-03)
    TC/SC: ISO/TC 8/SC 12 Number of Pages: 48
  • No revision information available

  • No corrigenda or amendments available

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