ISO 10962
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Securities and related financial instruments -- Classification of financial instruments (CFI code)


ISO 10962:2011 defines and describes codes for an internationally valid system to classify financial instruments. The classification system applies to financial instruments negotiated internationally as well as to domestic instruments. The term "financial instruments" refers not only to classical securities, but also covers the innovative financial products that have emerged in different markets.

ISO 10962:2011 is intended for use in any application in the trading and administration of securities in the international securities business. In so far as the trading and the administration of securities do not affect other countries, the application of ISO 10962:2011 remains at the discretion of the responsible national bodies, such as stock exchanges, banks, brokers and other institutions active in the securities field.


  • Document published on:
    Edition: 3 (Monolingual) ICS: 03.060
    Status: Under development Stage: 60.00 (2015-05-13)
    TC/SC: ISO/TC 68/SC 4 Number of Pages: 70
    Target publication date: 2015-07-01
  • Revises: ISO 10962:2001

  • No corrigenda or amendments available

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