Congo (ACONOR)

Membership: Correspondent member

Association Congolaise de Normalisation
c/o Chambre consulaire de Pointe-Noire
3, Boulevard Général De Gaulle
B.P. 665

Tel: +242 666 36 74
E-mail: cxmbongo@yahoo.fr

The Association Congolaise de Normalisation (ACONOR) was established on 19 February 2008 in Pointe-Noire. ACONOR aims to promote standardization and its related activities as well as generic systems of organization management (quality, security, health, environment).

In the current context, ACONOR will help achieve the following non-limitative list of activities:
Finalizing the regulatory framework for standardization management and development in Congo; Making an inventory of the relevant national and international standards that are needed in the country; Contributing to the development, approval and dissemination of national and international standards; Contributing to the management of a certification system for products and services and a quality assurance system within businesses; Promoting standardization, its implementation and the management of quality and management systems; Conducting awareness-raising and training initiatives in standardization and related activities; Representing and promoting the interests of its members among sub-regional, regional and international bodies.

The members of the Board of Directors who were elected during the constituent General Assembly are the following:
Founding members: Association Pointe-Noire Industrielle (APNI), Alpha Conseils, Congolaise d'Apiculture Hexagonale; Employers' unions: Union patronale et interprofessionnelle du Congo (Unicongo), Union nationale des opérateurs économiques du Congo (Unoc); Consumer organizations: Association nationale des consommateurs du Congo (ANCC), Association de défense des droits des consommateurs (ADDC); Support structure to the private sector: Forum des jeunes entreprises du Congo (FJEC);
Standardization professionals: Cotecna Inspection Congo sarl;
Chamber of Commerce: Chambre de commerce, d'industrie, d'agriculture et des métiers de Pointe-Noire; College of eligible members: Société nationale des pétroles du Congo (SNPC), Total Exploration et Production Congo (Total E&P Congo), ENI Congo sa, Société générale de surveillance (SGS Congo), La Congolaise de Peinture (La Cope), le Conseil congolais des chargeurs (CCC), Magnesium Alloy Corporation (Magalloy Congo sa).

The members of the Board of Directors elected during the inaugural session of 18 March 2008 for a three-year term are:
The Chairman of the Board of Directors: Christian Mbongo (SNPC); the 1st Vice-Chairman: Philippe Longonda (CAH); the 2nd Vice-Chairman: Abdon Paraiso (UNOC); the General Treasurer: Jean Cliff Oko Elenga (Alpha Conseil).

Aconor is a member of ISO, the IEC and RNF (réseau normalisation et francophonie).

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